Bonus Content

During our five-year shoot, we filmed many people whose stories we couldn't include in the final film. One of those people is cancer patient Jill Fagin.

In the brief excerpt video, Jill, a single mom in New York City, shares her story and how she found treatment with cannabis oils, alongside chemotherapy, when she was diagnosed in 2012 with Stage 4 Neuroendocrine Pancreatic cancer.

Similar to Mara and Tracy in the film, Jill's personal healing experience led her to launch her own CBD products, NYC Botanics, an organic CBD oil company, founded in the principles of overall mind and body wellness. We, at Weed The People, know that there are many products to choose from and a lot of uncertainty about them, so are very proud to stand behind the quality and integrity of her products and celebrate Jill's continued health!

To find out more about NYC Botanics and contact them for the right formula for you, click below.

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to specific inquiries and can't make medical claims as everyone's individual situations require individual treatment plans. Please seek information directly from NYC Botanics or others featured in the film, namely Aunt Zelda’s, CannaKids, or Dr. Bonni Goldstein.